AI ACADEMY - Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Interactive Classes with hands on learning and real life projects for High School Students and advanced Middle schoolers. 
Classes offered for all levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advance. 

Spring'21 Classes ongoing. Summer 2021 Workshop schedules are out.

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What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study and creation of computer systems that can perceive, reason and act. AI is an interdisciplinary field that combines  techniques from computer science, mathematics & statistics to deliver very powerful solutions to difficult problems.

AI Academy teaches the fundamental of AI to students with High School level Math and Computer proficiency. Classroom based, hands-on classes are offered at Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels

Top Universities with programs in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning 

CMU, Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, Yale, Harvard, Cornell, Univ. of Maryland, Columbia, UT Austin, UCLA, Univ. of Michigan, Georgia Tech, UIUC, Univ. of Pennsylvania, USC, Cal Tech, Univ. of Washington, John Hopkins

Artificial Intelligence in Action

Self-Driving Cars; Drones that can communicate and navigate by learning from each other; financial systems that can invest & execute trades base on research; machines that can self-detect failures and repair themselves; Email spam filters, Home Price Estimates, Terrorist Identification and Tracking

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If your Child is in High School and interested in Math and Technology, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning is a very important technology to learn.

Why AI

Experts from various industries regard AI as a crucial tool for the future.

World's first trillionaire will be an AI Entrepreneur

Mark Cuban, Entrepreneur

AI is the new Electricity

Andrew Ng, Stanford Professor


Why Students and Families choose AI Academy

"The best part about the academy, at least for me, were the instructors; they indulged me. They stayed with me after class to explain the basic mathematics behind back-propagation and a whole host of topics way beyond my mathematical background in an intuitive and exciting fashion." - Anand Bhatia, AI Academy Student

"Hi! I was a student at AI Academy for two semesters. I did the Beginner and Intermediate classes. If you remember me and how much I goofed off in class, you probably think that I did not take machine learning seriously, after AI Academy's classes, I was really inspired to pursue machine learning and data science.

After AI Academy, I completed two nano-degrees from Udacity in machine learning and computer vision, and I ended up working on a ton of new projects. I actually got 1st place in a hackathon called Helix Hacks a couple of weeks ago with a machine learning project. I competed in a load of Kaggle and DrivenData competitions as well. I also started an educational non-profit with my friends where I teach an introduction to ML course. I am positive that I want to pursue data science in college and as a career, I know that without AI Academy, I would definitely not have been interested in the field, and I never got a chance to say thank you, so thank you so much!." - Tanush Goel, AI Academy Student


" I took the AI Beginners class with no AI or data science background and it taught me advanced concepts catered to a high schooler's level. I got above and beyond support from my instructors who even provided me with advice for projects I was working on after the classes were over. These classes got me started on the AI track and I highly recommend it to all high schoolers. I would never have thought to pursue AI if it had not been for AI Academy and now I plan on majoring in it." - Anushka Vijay, AI Academy Student